Self-Help Banner Exchange Program


What is the Self-Help Banner Exchange Program?
The® Self-Help Banner Exchange network is an association of professional Self-help related web sites that trade banner advertising space  — for FREE.

How does it work?
Our advertising network is a cooperative model. For every three ads you show on your site, you earn two credits to have your banner shown on other member's sites.

It is a 3:2 ratio — the amount of free advertising you receive is directly proportional to the amount you give others. Most Banner Exchanges provide a 2: 1 ratio. We are different and give you more!

Why Join?
You should join so that you can find customers and build your traffic. Our network is designed so that you can choose what type of IT website to advertise on to reach your prospective audience.

In addition, upon joining you will receive information on where else you can receive FREE targeted advertising just for IT and career related websites. It doesn't stop here.

Join Now It's Free! The Self-Help Banner Exchange Network is 100% free to members.