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  • Selftek Self-Help Advisor System is's newest way to kick start your day. We will introduce you to Anthropatronics (The Art of Creating an Experience.) Since the inception of the big search engines in the early 90's, people have strived to make them more intuitive, and easier to use. The future of finding answers to your questions are here. The Advisor will be your tool to find all the self-help therapy information you need in a format you can understand.


  • ThinkRightNow is your key to wellness! From our Anthropatronics line-up, this method offers amazing goal smashing products designed to increase your wealth potential and your health combined with helping you achieve your personal goals. Click on any of the blue links to order a ThinkRightNow product. Here is what one of ThinkRightNow's satisfied customers had to say:
  • Do you set goals but rarely reach and keep them ? I don't care if you're the laziest person alive...If you just can't get yourself to do what you must do, if your willpower and persistence always seems to fizzle out, then join people from 54 countries who are now using the new paradigm in personal growth. Free course. Join the single largest personal coaching e-zine in the world.









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Water Supply
We are here to serve the community with the best database available to see if the water that touches your environment is approved. We have over 20 years of experience in the water business to bring you the most accurate reports in the industry.
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Take advantage of all the new design features at We are constantly streamlining our interface to deliver you the quickest way to get your self esteem higher and on your way to reaching your goals.
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Take a peek at what Think Right Now has to offer you to a better life!

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  • Thanks to our partnerships, the amount of offers and discounts we have at our Self Help Portal at are plentiful. Try our best example through the Water Supply logo you see pictured next to the advisor radio as well as below the 4 box view of our Top 100 sites.
  • The site itself is taking a big step in the right direction lately. We have set up the links to in the upper right of our home page and we think they will be the start on the right foot for your self help therapy instructional tapes, videos, or whatever you may desire. If self improvement is what you desire then this should be your highway to reaching your goals.
  • We will do anything we can to help your site be more attractive to the consumer. Unlike some other sites, it is very easy to qualify to become a member of's Banner Exchange.
  • As long as your site can find it's fit in one of our Top 100 Site lists, and does not contain any questionable content, Your application will usually be approved in 3-4 days by our self help team.
  • Look forward to our Traffic Builder area under the Get it Together Zone in the coming weeks. It will be your site's ticket to increased traffic and improved sales as well as a great portal for all your self help and self improvement needs..
  • Right now our's Anthropatronics aficionado's are on the road giving inspirational and life motivating speeches that will be his guide to creating an experience for you all to enjoy in our up and coming Anthropatronics CD and DVD.
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